Sixth Sense: Quality Business leads

Even though people might be visiting your site, if they don’t make contact, you don’t know who they are and if you can’t convert visitors into leads it doesn’t matter how many hits you have. All you can do is sit by and wait for them to call you, but maybe they won’t….As a business you’re always looking for more quality leads.

Only two percent of your website visitors will actually make contact with you, which means ninety eight percent of people are coming to your website looking around and leaving.

What if there was a way to know who those people were, evaluate the services they’re interested in and have accurate contact information so that you can develop them into quality leads? You need a way to get this information quickly and simply so that your business can move forward.

Sixth Sense is designed to reveal the identity of your unknown website visitors and turn these visitors into hot leads you can follow up right away.

With these business leads you get complete access to who is visiting your site, what exactly they looked at while there and how to make contact with them.

Sixth Sense delivers all this information through a simple sleek interface that allows you to easily assign leads to sales team members and access full contact and visitor information. So you can be more empowered and more effective.
We can set up a free trial for aweek to show you how this works.

Sixth Sense is different to Google Analytics in many ways. Google Analytics essentially provides you with the number of hits to your website, statistics on the most popular pages and the keywords that have been used to get to your website.
We provide all this and much more detail on your web visitors: full contact details of the organisation including phone number, web address, SIC code and a description of the company. It shows the journey visitors took through your website including the pages they viewed and how long they spent on each of them.

In addition you can set up trigger reports directly to your inbox when visitors match specific criteria so that they can be actioned straight away and use the client portal to create in-depth reports on all of your web visitors.

By adding a string of code to the relevant pages of your website, you’ll be able to track your web visitors immediately
Despite the huge investment most businesses make to drive traffic to their website, in reality only 2% of business visitors go on to make an enquiry.

Web traffic without enquiries means nothing: our software allows your business to identify those unknown visitors and provides full contact details so that you can make contact with them.